Simple Teenage Room Decoration of Millennial Themed Pink

Decorating a teenager’s room is quite complicated. Because this adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. His favorite objects in childhood can change, especially for young women. Who used to like decorating rooms with the Barbie theme, maybe now he prefers a minimalist theme. But one of the most common things, they rarely refuse simple teenage room decorations with pink themes.

Therefore, this time Kania wanted to share ideas for simple teenage room decorations with millennial pink themes. Surely that doesn’t look tacky and can be used until the teenagers grow up.

Decorating simple teenage rooms with a pink theme does not mean the entire contents of the room must be pink, but only a few elements. For example, coloring one wall area with pink and the other wall using brick-patterned wallpaper.

The current limited land forces children to occupy one room together with their brother or sister. But don’t make room size an excuse for not giving simple teenage room decorations.

The simple room decoration ideas for this teenager can make a medium-sized room for two people look more elegant. Use a mosquito net and a small pink pastel sofa on each bed. For the sheets, choose the model dangling to the floor. Finally, add a matching carpet to make the room feel more comfortable. Finally, add a mirror with a golden frame to perfect this simple teen room decoration.

The combination of pink and gray is quite popular with teenagers because the atmosphere is not too girly but still looks beautiful. If you want this simple teen room decoration to look “fair”, try using pink on the curtains, chairs, some pillows and gray on the blanket, bedside, and some pillows.

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