Adorable Decor Idea Using DIY String Lights

Whether indoor or outdoor, string light will always be a great choice to spice up your decoration. If you want to experiment using string lights for your decoration, you can try the DIY string lights. DIY string lights will fit your need easily. You just need some creativity and couples of materials form nearby store to start making your own project of DIY string lights. To encourage you, let’s see some finished projects of DIY string lights in this gallery below.

We start with a display of a decorative hallway below. The hallway décor is astounding. In this hallway, there is a white window with cool stars windowpane décor. Some items like unique baskets and some colorful pots included in the hallway décor. The adorable DIY string light idea also steals the spotlight inside this hallway. Some string lights from Christmas are hanged all over the wall. You can see some ball string lights are combined with snowflake lights.

Moving on, there is an image of an outdoor deck with romantic decoration. This romantic deck features a nice white round table and four wicker chairs. To make the situation more dramatic, some DIY string lights are added into the decoration. In this outdoor area, the ball string lights are installed all along the wooden fence and the wood clad wall. These DIY lights are also combined with some stunning paper lanterns to make the situation more decorative and fun. What an amazing outdoor decoration idea.

This one is also a nice example of DIY string light décor. In this room, the owner beautified the white wall using star shaped lights. These string lights are simply hanged on the wall to make beautiful artistic elements. Right under the DIY string light décor, there is a sitting spot with two black leather chairs and a carved white table.

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