Simple Teenage Room Decoration of Millennial Themed Pink

Decorating a teenager’s room is quite complicated. Because this adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. His favorite objects in childhood can change, especially for young women. Who used to like decorating rooms with the Barbie theme, maybe now he prefers a minimalist theme. But one of the most common things, they rarely refuse simple teenage room decorations with pink themes.

Therefore, this time Kania wanted to share ideas for simple teenage room decorations with millennial pink themes. Surely that doesn’t look tacky and can be used until the teenagers grow up.

Decorating simple teenage rooms with a pink theme does not mean the entire contents of the room must be pink, but only a few elements. For example, coloring one wall area with pink and the other wall using brick-patterned wallpaper.

The current limited land forces children to occupy one room together with their brother or sister. But don’t make room size an excuse for not giving simple teenage room decorations.

The simple room decoration ideas for this teenager can make a medium-sized room for two people look more elegant. Use a mosquito net and a small pink pastel sofa on each bed. For the sheets, choose the model dangling to the floor. Finally, add a matching carpet to make the room feel more comfortable. Finally, add a mirror with a golden frame to perfect this simple teen room decoration.

The combination of pink and gray is quite popular with teenagers because the atmosphere is not too girly but still looks beautiful. If you want this simple teen room decoration to look “fair”, try using pink on the curtains, chairs, some pillows and gray on the blanket, bedside, and some pillows.

Nice Looking Sunroom Ideas to Chill

People find it useful to have a sunroom in their home. Sunroom becomes a nice spot to enjoy the outside weather and views. Moreover, sunroom will also protect you from unwanted threats such as bugs, dust, and leaves. At the same time, a sunroom becomes a place to chill or do whatever you like accompanied with natural light from the sun. For today’s article, we find it nice to share some great sunroom ideas with you. Here they are.

At first, you can see this room as a screened porch. However, the homeowners wanted this room to be a sunroom. This sunroom is completed with protective glass screens instead of glass windows. From here, you can see the scenery of a large garden that looks even more perfect when its autumn or spring. Inside this fabulous sunroom idea, you will be served with such nice furniture and décor such as a striped purple sofa, a tree stump table, a slat back chair, and a unique oval rough wood table.

Another sunroom looks simpler than the previous one. This sunroom offers cohesive situation with its meticulous wood plank construction on the ceiling. There is even an antique ceiling fan attached on this ceiling. In addition, the dark wood laminate also makes the floor adorable. On the floor, we will see a marvelous floral rug with an artistic black iron table on it. Meanwhile, you can also find a cozy damask chair and a black leather loveseat featured in this gorgeous sunroom idea.

Picture 3 showcases another nice example of a sunroom idea. To bring natural impression, the sunroom is installed with stone wall. Inside this sunroom, you will also find some flowers and houseplants. Moreover, the sunroom also has some frosted skylight windows on the ceiling. This kind of sunroom will blend greatly with your outdoor surroundings.

Affordable Choice with Fake Wood Flooring

Are you still searching for your floor material? Why not go with fake wood flooring. Fake wood flooring is a nice option to have abeautiful home floor with affordable price but still look stylish. There are some benefits of it such as easy installation, great price, and so many options of colors, textures, and patterns that resemble the wood you want. These pictures below will prove you that fake wood flooring can also give your home an admirable point of interest.

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We have a display of a nice vintage themed room here. As you can see, the designer wanted a cohesive look by adding some wood elements. On the wall, the timber clads are fused well with the white wooden windows. The room also showcases astonishing wood ceiling construction painted in white. Fake wood flooring is also featured in this adorable room. The owner used wood laminate completed with natural grain texture and dark brown tone.

This dark themed room looks very masculine, right? In this room, you will find some manly decorations. This great bedroom offers a grey platform bed with elegant black sheet and metal headboard. There are also some glossy black cabinets with masculine black desk lamps on them. In this bedroom, you willalso see the fabulous application of fake wood flooring. The homeowner of this bedroom uses dark wood laminate to make the floor looks elegant and stylish. The dark wood laminate on the floor also offers shiny look and marvelous wood pattern. Overall, this fake wood flooring enhances the masculine theme of this bedroom.

Meanwhile, the next room uses laminate planks as the fake wood flooring. The laminate plank provides the complete resemblance of teak wood floor. Moreover, the installation of these brown laminate planks is also marvelous and meticulous. So, what do you think about fake wood flooring ideas? Still beautiful, don’t they?

Adorable Decor Idea Using DIY String Lights

Whether indoor or outdoor, string light will always be a great choice to spice up your decoration. If you want to experiment using string lights for your decoration, you can try the DIY string lights. DIY string lights will fit your need easily. You just need some creativity and couples of materials form nearby store to start making your own project of DIY string lights. To encourage you, let’s see some finished projects of DIY string lights in this gallery below.

We start with a display of a decorative hallway below. The hallway décor is astounding. In this hallway, there is a white window with cool stars windowpane décor. Some items like unique baskets and some colorful pots included in the hallway décor. The adorable DIY string light idea also steals the spotlight inside this hallway. Some string lights from Christmas are hanged all over the wall. You can see some ball string lights are combined with snowflake lights.

Moving on, there is an image of an outdoor deck with romantic decoration. This romantic deck features a nice white round table and four wicker chairs. To make the situation more dramatic, some DIY string lights are added into the decoration. In this outdoor area, the ball string lights are installed all along the wooden fence and the wood clad wall. These DIY lights are also combined with some stunning paper lanterns to make the situation more decorative and fun. What an amazing outdoor decoration idea.

This one is also a nice example of DIY string light décor. In this room, the owner beautified the white wall using star shaped lights. These string lights are simply hanged on the wall to make beautiful artistic elements. Right under the DIY string light décor, there is a sitting spot with two black leather chairs and a carved white table.

Asking your Son to Loving room by Charming Ideas Boys Bedroom

A lot of ideas are still saved in my brain. It relates to your boy’s bedroom. Seemly, i will release many ideas today. Okay, i promise 10 ideas and you can prepare what you need from now. Firstly, dynamic ideas for boy’s bedroom presents black and white with catchy focal points. It is visualized with orange wall paint color and blue accent in this veratile loft beds. Secondly, modern ideas for boy’s bedroom come more spacious. Sporty theme with blue paint ideas make your son is so masculine.

Next, army boy’s bedroom ideas grow good achievement. At least he want to save their country from the enemy. Decorative wallpaper mixes the eccentric rustic furniture. This room is also full of army accessories. Seemly, ths fourth picture is more great. I say it as the travel ideas boy’s bedroom. This bedroom for share uses wonderful hanging swing bed and built-in crib. Awesome map rug mixes with round compass rug.

By the way, map style hangs on the orange wall. Further, i add many globes on the canopy crib. Smart ideas boy’s bedroom use chalkboard wall design. Then, it is full of typography art. Next, it is travel boy’s bedroom ideas too. Even though, the style is different with aerobatic wallpaper and compass area rug. Seventh, cool attic ideas boy’s bedroom is luxurious. Stunning large framed dormer floods this entire room with natural lighting. Meanwhile, it has white and blue color theme with trendy furniture sets.

Outstanding outerspace ideas for boy’s room is remarkable. Apepaling wardrobe, unique platform bed, and nightstand have outer space theme. Boy is not banned using flower pattern. I prove through this wonderful ideas boy’s bedroom. Flower pattern looms in this trendy loft bed, rug, and table lamp. Even though, this room adds photo wall art and animal paintings. Tenth, creative ideas boy’s bedroom is visualized on the headboard. Lastly, magnificent ideas boy’s bedroom applies fantasy wall art. Obvious, i gives you one exceed so that you get 11 ideas for boy’s room.

Transforming the Look of Interior Room by Unique Pendant Lights

Definitely, all people has pendant lights at home. Nowadays, it is the object required in each space including the outdoor. How if the light fixture in your house is such as this photo gallery? Ensure it revamps your interior space directly. Let’s prove now! Fall tree shade pendant light hangs over this impressive dining room. Indeed the light is intimate and you can make it by yourself. Antique glass pendant lights adorn stylish white kitchen bars. It is overlooking the nice industrial bar stools.

Luxury pendant light adjourns in classy master bedroom. The shape is unique and then you should compare it with recessed lighting. Glowing glass pendant lights is similar to the astonishing table lamp. Seemly, it gives current sense for that interior space. Classic pendant lights come in this Italian country kitchen. By the way, both fixtures have different style. Next, it is about kitchen with galley styke and dining space. Over the cool industrial kitchen island there are three glass pendant lights.

Further, four items hang over this luxury rustic dining table. Evidently, both of them are organized parallel and in group. Gorgeous pendant lights create romantic farmhouse kitchen. This suspended light uses round patterned shade. Afterward, it mixes the under cabinet and hood lighting systems. Glass bottle pendant lights are simple. Nevertheless, it has amber glass with long white bulb. Here, this contemporary kitchen installs it among those white hidden lamps.

Red pendant light is catchy. That large fixture uses vaulted shade for three bulb at once. Impressive staircase lighting applies all sorts of pendant lights. Certainly, it becomes wonderful view during you trip in this modern staircase. Lastly, wacky glass pendant lights are terrific. It uses a wide range of glass shade. Here, i use it for this scandinavian dining room. Well, those pendant lights are trully unique. Seemly, i can guess your choice.

Adding Catchy Small Sleeper Sofa for Fun Nap

Sleeper sofa is the versatile furniture. It means we can use it in the living room or bedroom itself. Certainly, this modern furniture is good for seating and sleeping. Alright, choose these small sleeper sofa. Use it according to you want. Contemporary sleeper sofa has stylish design with combination of vintage. The vintage sense comes from the tufted pattern. Here, it decorate masculine living room with straight ottoman coffee table. When you unite the two bodies, you will have finest cozy small bed right away.

Brilliant small sleeper sofa comes in brown with similar shape. Yet, it has more plain style with brown leather and fabric pad. The most exciting news for this furniture is it has smart hidden storage. Lift up the pad and take a look at this spacious deep storage space. At this time, it has intact feature. Nevertheless, you can detach one pad as the ottoman table. Unpretentious black sleeper sofa is small without armrest. Nonetheless, keeps look attractive.

Tufted backrest on that furniture can be pull down.  Soon, you are going to own nice platform bed. Next is two tones sleeper sofa is smaller but long. Evidently, it is the combination of grey accent chair and orange pad with valance. Further, shabby chic sectional small sleeper sofa has exquisite pillow cushions. However, it has no ottoman in which the coffee table is industrial. The mean the shape is truly sectional or l shape.

Pretty small sleeper sofa has lined pattern in unique shape. Besides that, the sweet brown pillows as the armrest. In the other hand, that backrest is so high and covers until your head mesmerizing small sleeper sofa in red. This cutting edge furniture has semi-detached backrest as the additional mattress. In addition, it stands with graphite wood legs for earth tone interior. Okay, those are charming small sleeper sofas which presented by me. So, do the last style is your choice?

Prettifying Interior Room by Fabulous Window Dressing Ideas

Window is the home structure for the lighting way. In the other hand, that is our media to see beyond and the contrary. Nonetheless, window design is incomplete without dressing ideas. Well, perfect your window treatment through these curtains. Let’s open it with tiled pattern curtains as the stylish window dressing idea. Seemly, the curtain blends gray and white becomes eye catching feature. Actually, that sideboard and the displays also decorate that window. Therefore, it look charming with modest sense.

Beautiful vintage master bedroom own some aspects to personalize it. Spanish window dressing ideas are one of them. By the way, that plain sliding curtain door not mixes that immaculate window directly. Yet, there is small spot with furniture decor and potted plant. Aside white curtain, this bedroom door still has short valance. Gorgeous window dressing ideas use sweet patterned tiered shades. At this time, it adorns this bay window in two tones. Definitely, this dining room looks more impressive with delightful vibe.

Astonishing window dressing is visualized with modern vertical blind. I think this window treatment is really different. Yeah, it differs from the styles above and the common blind. Next, luxury window dressing decorates adorable master bedroom. Obvious, that bedroom window uses  three style curtains. Tied brown curtain come with floral pattern. It will clad the plaid pattern curtain in which the color is same. Then, there is white sheer curtain or vitrage. Although you not open that vitrage, you are still able to see outside. Even though, people beyond cannot do.

In fact, it has one style. The name is floral pattern valance. Surely, it has similar style to the first curtain. Well, we go to this country kitchnen with three windows. Natural window dressing ideas apply brown bamboo shades. Here, it installs by turn. Don’t ever let something disturb your way to enjoy the outdoor landscape. In the other hand, it also prettifiies your interior room.

Enjoyable Entertainment Center with Superb Clear Bar Stools

Don’t you feel tiresome with your old bar furniture? Please, revamp your old habit by these clear bar stools. I perceive most people often insert rustic or mid-century style. However, these modern stools will unleash your way to getting entertainment. Take a look at this marshmallow country kitchen. It has catchy white kitchen island bar. Definitely, it mixes this round clear bar stools without backrest. Commonly, the material takes acrylic and or glass. Secondly, I say it as the classy clear bar stools.

The character is portable because it has trundle. Yet, the most important thing is the sleek brown leather pad. Immaculate clear bar stools are trendy. It stands on the dark brown laminate floor. Here, it mixes the exquisite pendant lights and flawless plain kitchen island. Smart bar design takes mid-century style. Alright, industrial clear bar stool can adjust it well. Square glass pad mixes the iron cantilever. Then, it flanks the modest dark hue table on the catchy green rug and aside arch wall bookcase nice.

Fun romantic bar is designate this this picture. Nice clear bar stools match with this gorgeous round amber pup table. The bar stools are pure with acrylic without frame. Though, the bar stand with lively stainless steel pedestal. Inspiring clear bar stools face off the astonishing penny pattern wallpaper. Besides that, it is overlooking the large wall mirror and eccentric floating bar. In this bar, this seating gets curvy metal banister and thick white pad.

Cafe bar design applies deluxe clear stools in two designs. On that glass tile floor, it hugs the great sectional two tiers bar. Beautiful narrow kitchen has single clear bar stool. It competes with marble tile, grandfather  clock, and rhomb tiled rug. Unpretentious clear bar stool stands alone on the laminate floor. Nowadays, it decorates the purple kitchen. Comfy clear bar stools have foamy square beige pad. Use it together with your small family.

Altering Nightmare by Good Habit Before Sleeping through Modern Nightstand

Modern style always makes people crazy. Certainly, they will pursue what they want. Seemly, these modern nightstands are one of your hunting item. At least 10 intriguing nightstands with pampering your eyes, today. Further, you will put it as the best friend in your bedroom. Unique black nightstand stands aside this contemporary grey platform bed. By the way, this mini accessory design with two sided storage. Ample storage beneath accommodates many your favorite books. So, you have many choices to be read before sleeping.

Astonishing teenage girl’s room is charming. Turquoise perforated nightstands flank this pop art bed which has horizon photo headboard. Here, this bedroom table mixes with other awesome patterns and furniture items. Pretty white nightstand with teal focal point. Substantively, the style is simple with square shape and all sorts of mini drawers. Fourth, antique modern nightstands are flawless white. Modular shape of those wooden things remembers us toward the vintage style. Here, several accessories from flower until book decorate it.

DIY modern nightstand designs from lacquer wood. Horizontal brown banister enhances this pull down cabinet door. In the other hand, this side table also own catchy white tabletop. Next, excellent modern nightstands try to displaying rustic sense. The reason is it mixes the captivating vintage platform bed. Furthermore, mid-century modern nightstand is gorgeous. This stunning flawless bedroom puts it exactly under glamorous chandelier. Besides that, it accompanies this comely neutral wing bed. Meanwhile, for the eighth bedroom applies industrial modern nightstands. The shape is round and it takes pure iron material.

Shabby chic master bedroom uses dazzle modern nightstands. I think those are the biggest furniture in this article. So, you can put many surface displays there. Intriguing look of this thing is on the drawer door. The last is versatile modern nightstands. It integrates the luxury platform bed. Make satisfied your lifestyle with appealing bedroom accessory above.